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Learn How To Play Basketball & Improve Form

Posted by Shane
Learn How To Play Basketball & Improve Form

Basketball is a fast paced team game that requires stamina, strategy and skill. To become great player even good for that matter you must be able to shoot the ball correctly, this is the most basic requirement of the game but most of us don't know how to shoot a basketball correctly. While playing the game most of us seem to get frustrated when we miss we start to think negatively and quit the game because we can't seem to improve our accuracy but the problem isn't with the stamina. Most of the time we don't have a complete grasp on the basics. Even the pros have to learn there basketball form from nothing. In order to shoot the ball with complete accuracy you need to understand the intricate steps involved. Let me break it down in 5 steps.

1.Focus on the target. By target I don't mean a player on the opposite team, it's obviously the rim (basket, hoop, the circular object in the sky, whatever you'd like to call it). This step is pretty simple, just look at the rim and focus don't get distracted. The biggest mistake most people do is look at the ball and then the trajectory of the ball.while the flight is important you need focus on the rim.

2.Correct stance and balance. The correct stance would be to stand staggered with a shoulder width apart your shooting foot which is on the same as your shooting arm should be forward.Once you have this down and make sure your position is comfortable, you need to bend your knees slightly and balance your hips... basically the position you're in before you jump. Line your body so that your eye and the rim form a straight line.

3.Grip. Hold the ball so that it sits on your finger pads. Use the trick I'm about to explain till you get the hang of the grip. Somewhere on the ball there's an air hole, now place that air hole between the index and middle fingers and make sure your finger tips are perpendicular to the seams of the ball.Spread your palm wide open and grip the ball lightly. Your non shooting hand should be on the side of the ball and should come off first when you shoot.Make sure to not add any kind of spin to the ball while shooting.

4.Taking the shot. Straighten your knees and jump slightly forward, but try to jump naturally. Make sure your elbow is placed comfortably below the ball.Push the ball upward with your shooting had the same time you start your jumping motion, this timing is extremely important. Remember the ball should move upward and not move to the side or move to the back of your head. Release the ball just before you reach the height of your jump and push your wrist while straightening your elbow.The ball should move in an arch shape rather than a straight line to the rim. The entire series of motion should be fluid and natural, practice till this feeling is second nature.

5.Follow Through. After taking the shot maintaining that position without dropping your hands is know as follow through and this is really important.This tells you if your shot is accurate. your shooting hand must be shaped like a swan and arched towards the rim while your fingers are loosely cocked down. while your non shooting hand is pointing towards the hoop. Once you've perfected all these steps and developed muscle memory, you need to practice, practice and practice. Try shooting in actual games.

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